World Peace








I’m an idealist, I know that. You would think that after 54 years I would accept that the world is going bad in a handbasket. Reading the news (I can’t watch it) depresses me. Seeing how people are fighting with one another on anti-social media makes me want to give it all up. Except…I like seeing those of you I can’t visit any more.

My friend, Pam, suggested that we write letters as an exercise in writing. A way to get outside of our heads, and think differently. I used to write letters a lot, and then email happened and we didn’t have to wait. Still, I get excited every day to get the mail. Even if I don’t get anything, it’s like magic to me. Always has been that way. I had so much fun writing Pam, that I’ve started writing other friends and family.

Another friend from college suggested I try this cool website called Postcrossing. It’s a place to write postcards to strangers around the world. I’ve gotten postcards from strangers and it’s been joyous. What if we started writing each other again? Perhaps we would be less likely to rant about what’s wrong with the world. The postcards I’ve received have been what has been right about each person’s country or town.

We could send postcards to strangers saying we don’t want to fight.¬†We can tell what’s beautiful about our country, religion, life, and then just be glad we’ve learned something new. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me….” I sang that song and meant it with all of my heart when I was in the youth choir. I can sing it and mean it now. I can’t change anyone but myself. May world peace begin with me.